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Using a Travel Advisor vs. Booking Online

In the age of the Internet, it often seems we can do anything with the click of a button. But when faced with planning an entire trip that everyone will love, sifting through mounds of irrelevant information can be a more of headache than helpful. With unending sites promising the best reviews and travel advice, we’re usually left juggling 50 tabs on three different browsers. So, before you crash your computer attempting the DIY approach, [...]

A Trip Back in Time

Views from a Seine River Cruise  As a travel advisor, I believe it’s important to stay on top of the latest travel trends and even conduct my own market research from time to time. (Okay, most of you would call this going on vacation—job perks!) Last month I had the opportunity to cruise the Seine River in Paris, and wow, was it breathtaking. If seeing the city of Paris by boat is on your bucket [...]

How to Plan the Ultimate Girls’ Trip

There’s something to be said for the power of a few special days spent with your closest gal pals. Non-stop laughs and heart-to-hearts with the ladies that know you best can be rejuvenating. Whether it’s the friends you made in college or the ones you’ve known since birth, they’ve seen you at your best and your worst—and with them, you feel like your most authentic self. No matter our stage in life, we all need [...]


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