Who is Sue?

Sue Girardier, founder of Destinations Unknown, is a lover of family, music, food, and, of course, travel.

Anywhere Sue hasn’t been is a place she wants to go—a “destination unknown” that she is compelled to explore. She has felt that way her entire life; her passion is now her profession.

Sue Girardier St. Louis TravelAfter receiving her business degree from the University of Missouri St. Louis and her MBA from Maryville University, Sue spent almost two decades as a Systems Manager at Washington University. Her love of research and details made her the default trip planner for friends and family—multigenerational family vacations, relaxing, spa-focused girlfriend getaways, and exploratory excursions to satisfy her inner adventurer. The informal feedback she received after these trips was overwhelming—it was all so very positive! And the experiences—from the planning to the doing—were so rewarding.

In 2014, Sue joined the travel industry and in 2015, she partnered with SmartFlyer to bring her passion and skillset to a wider population. She believes the purpose of travel is to make memories, expand our perspectives, meet new people, and do new things.


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“Travel helps us expand as humans; by learning about one another and the unique ways in which we approach the human experience, we come to understand and appreciate the similarities and differences. It is an honor and a privilege to really get to know my clients—and what they want to take away from their trips—and research to put all the pieces in place for them. Every day presents a new challenge; every day presents an opportunity to create memories and meaning.”

–Sue Girardier, Founder, Destinations Unknown